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Anti-fouling Marine Paint Remover 670AF - 5 Gallon / 18.9 Ltrs

Quick Overview

Anti-Fouling Paint Remover (SOY•Strip)
- Formerly known as SOY•Strip Professional Paint Stripper for Marine Coatings.
- Gelled to cling under boats effectively.
- Cuts through multiple years of coatings.
- SAFE! No Methylene Chloride.
- Made with 100% American Grown Soybeans.
- GHS Compliant.

Trial Packs
We always recommended testing to ensure you have the right product for the job.
We supply economical trial packs for these essential tests, more in at SOY Strip. Please ring us for any questions and recommendation at Phone: +61 (02) 9451 8422 or email us on info@letsclean.com.au

Note: For Australia Purchases or Orders - Prices shown are inclusive of 10% GST.

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SOY•Strip™  removes antifouling paint on the bottom of boats.
Designed to remove multiple layers in one application.
SOY•Strip™ is an environmentally friendly paint stripper for marine applications, such as antifouling, urethane, varnish etc.
Typically paint removers are made from very harsh chemicals. You need to wear gloves and you do not want to breathe the fumes.
SOY•Strip™ is not like these as its not bad smelling and I pushed it around with my bare fingers without gagging or any side effects.
We tested the SOY•Strip™ on two masts coated with Awlgrip. I thought Awlgrip would be one of the hardest tests for a marine paint stripper.
We applied a small coating of SOY•Strip™ to both masts. One mast was clear coated on carbon, the other cream colored on aluminium.
The images show how the paint peeled off after 20 minutes. Since the instructions says between 30 minutes and overnight, 20 minutes was conservative.
The cream colored mast with an Awlgrip coating was very quick and clean to strip. The paint was peeling in front of the blade, with little effort.
On the carbon mast coated with clear coat the SOY•Strip™ tool much longer. After 20 minutes the coating was soft but not ready to peel.
I do not know why the clear coat would take longer than the pigmented paint, but it still worked after an hour or so.
Coverage for one gallon is 150-200 sq ft.
I tried the SOY•Strip™ on some latex paint inside. Within 15 minutes the paint was soft enough to start scraping.
Comparing it to another supposedly green product, the SOY•Strip™ worked faster but the biggest difference was the fumes.
The SOY•Strip™ was noticeable but not obnoxious, while the other product was pretty harsh requiring all windows to be opened.
SOY•Strip was also rated Best Choice in Practical Sailors test of Marine Paint Strippers
Ahoy, Mates! At last! A clean and simple solution to removing anti-fouling paint from boat hulls. And its fast, too.
Boat owners who have used SOY•Strip™ report their boats are back in the water 2-3 days quicker than when the sanding method of removing anti-fouling paint is used.
Thats right, SOY•Strip™ eliminates the need for extensive sanding, eliminates all the potential damage sanding causes to the gel coat.
And if that isnt enough to cause a captain to change course to SOY•Strip™, its also environmentally friendly.
So, cruise on over to SOY•Strip™, and make yourself a happy sailor.
Portsmouth Naval Shipyard Approves Soy•Strip!
“The major advantage is that we can do it almost any place on the ship because the health risks are reduced and its environmentally friendly.
This is good stuff. It saves a lot of grief.”
SOY•Strip™Marine Coatings Remover - Takes Away the Worst, Naturally
SOY•Strip™Marine Coating Remover is a powerful and natural solution to remove anti-fouling paints, urethanes, and enamels from boat hulls.
The soy-based product gained industry recognition in 2006 when Practical Sailor Magazine conducted independent testing of nine stripper products.
Franmar's SOY•Strip performed the best overall; as the product that faired superior in both ease of application and results.

Application Tips:

1: Prepare the surface with a light acid wash to remove marine particles. (Remember that light acid may etch concrete surfaces)

2.Lay a tarp or light poly under raised boat to collect any drippings of the Soy•Strip. The collected drippings can be reused to apply back to the surface if needed. Tarp or  light poly also serves to collect scraped / washed paint, protecting the environment from contamination by the paint.

3.Apply SOY•Strip starting at the keel and work your way outward to the water line. Apply to dry surface with a commercial air or airless sprayer (A tip of 519 or larger is recommended) or with a brush, using a globing method. Using a commercial air or airless sprayer will give you even application and the best square footage. Apply SOY•Strip on the surface as thick as possible. Generally this will be between 1/32” - 1/8” thick.

4.Allow Soy•Strip to soften coatings. Removal times vary and can generally take between a 30 minutes to overnight. Check the progress of the stripping action periodically by using a scraper to see if the coatings are softened down to the surface. If SOY•Strip is left on for more than a few hours, or if there is a mild wind we recommend covering Soy•Strip with a thin mil plastic drop cloth to keep from drying out.

5.Once coatings are softened enough to remove, use a scraping tool or power washer to remove coatings. Start at the keel and work your way outward when removing softened coatings. When using a power washer, always use SOY•Stripcare to prevent over spray from getting on surfaces other than the one being prepped. Dispose of removed coatings according to local landfill regulation. Soy•Strip without removed paint is safe for any landfill.

6.If reapplication is needed, repeat from step #3 on areas that need reapplication.

7.After removing coatings. Scrub surface with water and rinse well. To leave a pristine surface, scrub surface with Ickee Stickee Unstuck or industrial Degreaser, then rinse well with water.

CAUTION: For prolonged periods of exposure on fiberglass, 8 hours or more, SOY•Strip could cause dulling. If this occurs, luster can be restored by applying a rubbing compound. For lengthy periods of exposure, 18 hours or more, damage to fiberglass or gel coat could occur. Not recommended on teak as prolonged periods of exposure on teak will fur wood.



Application Sheet 670AF Application Sheet Download
Franmar Brochure 123 Brochure Download
Material Safety Data Sheet   MSDS Download
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