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Triangular Scraper

Quick Overview

Professional quality scraper

With a long ergonomic handle. Length 300mm and 16-32mm handle. This scraper has a thick blade (that gives you great leverage), a long handle, and slightly curved sharp edges that reduce the risk of gouging. Great for flat and other surfaces. Sharpen this on a water cooled slow turning stone for the best result. Avoid grinders for sharpening. Three-edge scraper with one edge slightly convex. 300mm handle. Blade is three sided, and each side 75mm Extra blades are available. Complete with handle and blade. Blade made of laser cut hardened Swedish steel.

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What makes a good scraper?  

  1. One important factor is how the blade is attached to the handle. If the blade is moving just slightly, this will make the scraper significantly less effective. You need a scraper with a blade that does not flex. Our scrapers have blades that is attached with a strong bolt on top of a flat washer and a split washer preventing the blade from flexing.
  2. The thickness of the blade is also important. A thicker blade will reduce the flex and transfer the power directly to the sharp edge, making it much more effective. Our scraper blades are at least twice the thickness of most other brands on the market.
  3. A long handle will means better leverage. The extra long handle will increase the power; you can apply onto the painted or varnished surface. These scrapers have 12” long handle allowing great leverage for scraping.
  4. The angle of the sharp edge is also important. You may have noticed if you had ever used a chisel, which it was very sharp when it was brand new but after it was sharpened it became significantly less effective. This problem appears when you sharpen a scraper as well. If you change the angle of the edge during sharpening, you will loose some of the scrapers effectiveness. You must maintain the same angle. Because our scraper blades are so much thicker, it is easier to maintain the correct angle. A sharpening guide or blade sharpening jig of some sort can be very helpful to keep the correct angle.
  5. A sharp blade is also very important. Allowing the scraper to get very dull will result in a great effort to bring the sharpness back. It is simply much easier to sharpen a blade that is slightly dull than extremely dull. Sharpen your scraper regularly.

How do you use these scrapers?

You need both hands with this hand tool. Position the scraper handle parallel to the painted surface or closer. Grip one hand on the rear of the scraper handle and apply pressure with your other hand close to the blade. Holding the scraper with only one hand is not as effective.


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