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FAQ 600GL SOY•Gel™

600GL (SOY•Gel™) FAQ Section600GL (SOY•Gel™) FAQ Section

This is a short list of our most frequently asked questions. For more information or support about all our products send us an email at info @ letsclean.com.au or call us +61 (02) 9451 8422

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600GL (SOY•Gel™) Paint, Varnish & Urethane Removal

Paint, Varnish & Urethane Removal Questions

How much area will a litre of SOY•Gel™ cover?

Answer: Rate of Coverage is 2 to 6 square metres per litre. -- ˆ Top ˆ

Will SOY•Gel™ remove all types of paints and varnishes?

Answer: SOY•Gel™ has proven to remove most coatings including lead-base paints, enamels, oil and water based latex, varnishes and urethanes, Acrylics, Epoxies - single or two part. Sometimes the Heritage No1 and SOY•Gel™ is used for different layers of paint. A test is recommended in which product will work best or a combination of both. Order a sample from us and try a small area first. See link here. -- ˆ Top ˆ

What application methodes are used for SOY•Gel™?

Answer: The recommended application methods are to use either an airless sprayer or a paint brush. When using a paint brush, make sure to use a "glopping" method when applying. Get the product on THICK. (approx. 3mm"). -- ˆ Top ˆ

Will SOY•Gel™ remove stains?

Answer: SOY•Gel™ will not remove stain. It may however lighten stain slightly. -- ˆ Top ˆ

What is the difference between Heritage No1 and SOY•Gel™?

Answer: The difference between Heritage No.1 and SOY•Gel™ is that Heritage No1 will dissolve and "absorb" the paint within its poultice and SOY•Gel™ will only dissolve and soften the paint. -- ˆ Top ˆ

Does SOY•Gel™ raise the grain of wood?

Answer: SOY•Gel™ will not raise the grain of the wood. (Rinsing the product off with too much water may cause the grain to raise, though.) -- ˆ Top ˆ

How long do I let SOY•Gel™ work?

Answer: Remember "Thicker better, longer stronger". Generally SOY•Gel™ can take anywhere from 5 minutes to 8 hours depending on what is being removed and how many coatings are to be removed. Let the product do the work. Test the surface every 20-30 minutes until the coatings begin to soften and are ready to be removed. -- ˆ Top ˆ

How long before SOY•Gel™ evaporates?

Answer: SOY•Gel™ has an extremely low evaporation rate. The product crystalizes when being left on for extended periods of time or in a mild or heavy breeze. Just add a little water and the product turns back into a gel. When using SOY•Gel™ in outdoor applications, the surface to be stripped may be covered with plastic to help keep it from crystalizing. -- ˆ Top ˆ

What is the shelf life of SOY•Gel™?

Answer: SOY•Gel™ has a shelf life of greater than 2 years -- ˆ Top ˆ

Can SOY•Gel™ remove multiple layers of paint, varnish or urethane?

Answer: SOY•Gel™ will remove multiple layers easily! Just allow the product to work until all the coatings have softened. -- ˆ Top ˆ

Can I use SOY•Gel™ to paint strip teak wood?

Answer: Yes, SOY•Gel™ works great on teak. Do not let the product sit for an extended period of time on the teak as it will start to extract the oils of the wood. If SOY•Gel™ is applied to raw teak, it will extract the oils and raise the grain. -- ˆ Top ˆ

Do I need to dilute the product?

Answer: No, do not dilute SOY•Gel™. It is water soluable and will not work if water is added. -- ˆ Top ˆ

How is SOY•Gel™ removed once the coating has lifted?

Answer: Once the coating has softened, remove it using a scraper or other stripping tool. Use water to rinse off the rest. -- ˆ Top ˆ

Why is nothing happening?

Answer: The most common problem that occurs is, people do not let SOY•Gel™ work long enough. Generally, latex paints will "lift" much sooner than enamels. Because of its amazing staying power, SOY•Gel™ will stay moist for several hours, and as long as it is moist it continues to work on the coated surface. The second most common problem is that people do not put enough of the product on the surface. Make sure to have a thick coating of SOY•Gel™ (approx. 3mm) on the surface to be stripped. -- ˆ Top ˆ

What is the procedure for disposing of SOY•Gel™ after finishing the project?

Answer: SOY•Gel™ is 100% biodegradable. Check with your local landfill or EPA office about disposal of the coatings you are stripping. -- ˆ Top ˆ

How do I dispose of lead-based paint?

Answer: Find out from your local landfill or EPA office about the regulations of disposal for lead-based paint in your area. -- ˆ Top ˆ

Will it remove Fillcoat Fibres?

Answer: Yes it will - place the SOY•Gel™ on the fillcoat fibres and leave it over night.  In the morning you don't even need to scrape it off - it just lifts off and then wipe it with some paper towel - and GONE! -- ˆ Top ˆ

What type of Paint Stripper can I use on Plastic?

Answer: We recommend to use GL600 (SOY•Gel™); however a carful watch on the stripper is required and leaving it on the paint too long can damage the Plastic. We recommend to use it first on a inconspicuous area -- ˆ Top ˆ


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