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FAQ JOS System

JOS System FAQ SectionJOS System FAQ Section

This is a short list of our most frequently asked questions. For more information or support about all our products send us an email at info @ letsclean.com.au or call us +61 (02) 9451 8422


JOS System FAQ

General Questions

Where can I purchase the product?

Answer: Ether on this website or by email to order @ letsclean.com.au
You also can give us a call at +61 (02) 9451 8422 -- ˆ Top ˆ

Do I need a license for Lead Paint removal?

Answer: No, however Let’s Clean Pty. Ltd. have extensive experience in lead-abatement procedures and are a Registered Lead-Safe Contractor with the Master Painters Association of Australia, holding certificates on Lead Paint Management from Macquarie University and Standards Australia. Legislation on the stripping of lead paint may differ from state to state in Australia. -- ˆ Top ˆ

Is it hard to estimate a paint stripping or cleaning Job?

Answer: It is difficult to ascertain the correct procedure to follow when paint stripping without first carrying test samples. What works on concrete, without causing any damage, may not necessarily be the right approach when stripping timber or brickwork. -- ˆ Top ˆ

Where can I dispose lead paint scrapping?

Answer: Debris from lead-based paint removal or renovation may be double-bagged and disposed of in limited quantities in household trash. Lead debris must never be burned. Liquid wastes, including wash water, must never be dumped onto the ground; waste water should be filtered through a cloth filter before dumping into a sanitary sewer or toilet. The filtered debris can go out with the other trash. The mops and cloths used to clean up lead dust and debris should never be used for any other purpose, and should be disposed of when the job is done.We are advicing you to check with your local council before you dispose any lead based paint rubbish.

JOS System Questions

What is a JOS System?

Answer: The JOS/Rotosoft System can be described as a kind of jet blasting in the broadest sense of the word but it is one that converts/transforms the energy from a jet into rotating energy by means of specially constructed nozzles.
This type of cleaning technology is based on low pressure, rotating vortex and works on variable air pressure (5-55psi / 55-380 kPa).  Water can be precisely regulated within the range of 10-60 litres per hour and extremely fine granulate selected exactly to suit the low pressure technique. Compressed air is used to create a rotating vortex of air, water and granulate in the nozzle, cleaning without causing damage to brickwork, joints, etc. -- ˆ Top ˆ