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FAQ "Heritage No1"

Heritage No1 FAQ SectionHeritage No1 FAQ Section

This is a short list of our most frequently asked questions. For more information or support about all our products send us an email at info @ letsclean.com.au or call us +61 (02) 9451 8422

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Heritage No1 FAQ

What is Heritage No1?

Answer: The Heritage No.1 Natural Paint Remover is a poultice-type, water-based, non-toxic product available in 15kg buckets.

  • No Fumes
  • No Solvents
  • No Phenol
  • No Methylene Chloride -- ˆ Top ˆ

Wow much will 1kg of Heritage No1 cover?

Answer: The Heritage No.1 will cover about 300 x 300mm area. -- ˆ Top ˆ

Will Heritage No1 remove all types of paints and varnishes?

Answer: Heritage No.1 has proven to remove most coatings especially lead-based paints. Sometimes the Heritage No1 and SOY•Gel™ is used for different layers of paint. A test is recommended in which product will work best or a combination of both. Order a sample from us and try a small area first. See link here. -- ˆ Top ˆ

What application methods are used for Heritage No1?

Answer: Following is recommended:

  • First mix poultice thoroughly before use.
  • Apply thick coat of poulice (approx. 3mm) onto surface to be stripped. Application methods are trowled on or spryed on with a hopper gun.
  • Leave for 30 minutes to an hour, test with scraper to determane if paint is sufficiently softened. Stripping time depends on number of paint layers, age and type. The product may be left on for 24 hours or even longer. Keep poultice moist. In try conditions cover with gladwrap, plastic sheets or simalar.
  • Remove poultice with scraper and collect wast into bucket. Wash off residue with low to high pressure water or wash and scrup clean with medium to hard brush. Recomended is the Blue Vac System - See link here. Removal of multi layers of paint may need repeat application.
  • We recommend all lead based paints be removed by professionals who are properly trained in the methods. Disposal must be in accordance with Australian State and iternational regulations. -- ˆ Top ˆ

What is the difference between Heritage No1 and SOY•Gel™?

Answer: The difference between Heritage No.1 and SOY•Gel™ is that Heritage No1 will dissolve and "absorb" the paint within its poultice and SOY•Gel™ will only dissolve and soften the paint. -- ˆ Top ˆ

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