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BlueVac 600 AP

Quick Overview

BlueVac 600 AP (Automatic Pump-out)

60 litre waste water tank. For wet pick up with auto pump-out.

Water- pressure clean indoors without a mess whilst vacuuming at the same time.
Waste water pump-out action for non-stop work, giving you time savings of up to 70% in clean up and waste water handling.

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The BlueVac System 600 AP is a piece of equipment designed to wash and vacuum surfaces in a single action through the use of specially engineered, interchangeable tools, to suit different substrates when washing, for example, facades minimising and containing the water used. This system is also ideally suited to water blast indoors without causing a mess and can also be used as a pump-out system for flooded areas.

Sandstone and Brick
It is used to desalinate substrates, such as delicate and/or delaminating sandstone as well as to clean brick building facades through the use of the different tools mentioned, containing the resulting waste in readiness for disposal.

It can also be used for washing dusty areas on building sites without water running onto the foot path or into the stormwater system thus complying with environmental regulations.

Captive Head Washing
Low pressure cleans (70 psi to 1200 psi) & rinses without mess.
One operator is capable of deep-pore washing, degreasing, acid-removing, detoxicating, desalinate, disinfecting and neutralising any texture using water, producing a residue-free surface in a single rinse-vacuum action.

Model 600 AP Includes:

- 60 Litre Wast Water Tank
- 2 Motor Vacuum Pump
- Hoses from the BlueVac to the Vacuum Pump

For wet pickup with pump out. Ie Pump direct to the IBC Portable Tanks.

Usefull for flood areas.

You need to buy also the BlueVac Hand-Held, flat surface wall cleaner tool. Available in Low Preassure or High Pressure options.
Low Preassure is in the range of 100psi to 2500psi
High Preassure isn in the range of 1200psi to 3500psi

Or the BlueVac flat surface floor cleaner tool. Also available in the Low and High Pressure options. Please ask us for options.

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