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BlueVac Systems

The BlueVac is an inventive low and/or high-pressure water blasting system that comprises purpose-designed tools that pressure-clean and capture the waste simultaneously. This system is ideally suited to water blast indoor without causing a mess and can also be used as a pump-out system for flooded areas as well as for washing dusty areas on building sites without run-offs into the stormwater system thus complying with environmental regulations. Water-pressure clean indoors without mess while vacuuming at the same time.

Wastewater pump-out action for non-stop work, giving you time savings of up to 70% in clean up and wastewater handling:

• Desalination (salt extraction)
• Ideal for flooded areas clean-up.
• Ideal for fire damage clean-up.
• Perfect for waterlogged cellars.
• Ideal for transferring wastewater to large holding tanks for disposal.
• Essential when paint stripping - cleaning of paint resedue and paint stripper.
• Critical to general water pressure cleaning jobs like brick and factory cleaning.
• Essential for general wet cleaning applications like dust free cleaning on building sites, carpet cleaning, disinfecting/hygiene cleaning in food/hospitality environment.
• Clandestine Meth Lab Cleaning.

The BlueVac Low Pressure is ideal for the Desalination of Salts in any pourus substrate as in Sandstone, Brick, Render or Concrete - see Captive Head-Washing

BlueVac System    

Low Pressure System

High Pressure System

Captive Head Washing