"Heritage No1" Paint Stripping at one of the oldest Buildings in Sydney.


Unwin's Stores
History: 77-85 George Street (1843-1846). Believed to be the longest continually occupied row of shops in Sydney and Australia, they played an integral role in the development of Sydney's first commercial area. These five sandstone buildings, originally built as shops and dwellings, were erected by Frederick Wright Unwin between 1843 and 1846. They were constructed during a depression in the Colony's economy, in the decade prior to the discovery of gold, hence their relative austerity. The land on which Unwin's stores stand was originally part of Sydney's first hospital and gardens.

Let's Clean with the Natural Paint Remover "Heritage No1" stripped the building of its old paint without damage to the nearly 180 year old sandstone.

Sydney Cove 1788

77-85 George Street Sydney

77-85 George Street Sydney

Sydney 1802