Ginormous grease oil spillage

Problem: Seemingly immovable smelly oil spillage on driveway concrete slab which was deemed environmentally hazardous and couldn't be washed into drains or nearby water streams.

Solution: Degrease N' GO to the rescue nothing else on the market seemed to work...

After speaking to client he said he had tried a few other products but none could touch it, we applied Degrease N' GO and instantly miracles started happening. Our product first of all neutralised the bad odour and ate the grime away. To protect the environment we used our award winning BlueVac System.


Smelly Oil Spillage on Driveway 

 Smelly Oil Spillage at the Food Factory.
Sludge pump failed and all the oil was spread throughout the drive way

 Degreaser applied to Smelly Oil Spillage
 Degrease N' GO lathered on to concrete - to do its thing!!
 Cleaning in progress
 Cleaning in progress
 Finished Driveway
 Finished win for all involved!