How to remove Japan Black?

Answer: Japan black (also called simply japan) is a lacquer or varnish suitable for many substrates but known especially for its use on iron and steel. Its high bitumen content provides a protective finish that is durable and dries quickly. It can also be called japan lacquer and Brunswick black. Used as a verb, japan means "to finish in japan black." Thus japanning and japanned are terms describing the process and its products. Link

Black Japan Floor Finish is an oil based interior floor finish which combines a traditional Black Japan stain with a professional clear polyurethane for a one-step ‘Black Japan look’ and durable protection on interior timber and parquetry floors. You will find Black Japan stained timber in older houses on floors and skirting, architraves and doors and it was often over coated with shellac to give a gloss finish. If sanding the Black Japan off is the best way to remedy your problem then be prepared to use up a fair bit of sand paper as the bitumen tends to clog it quickly.

Removing the "Japan Black":

However we are able to take it off with our 600GL (SOYGel) product. It will soften it if left on the surface for about 15 minutes (it will become like thick honey). Then use Methylated Spirit (or with a mixture of 10-20% Water and Methylated Spirit) in a spray bottle to spray, scrub and scrape it off. For a good finish wipe it with a Methylated Spirit drenched cloth.


Japan Black  

Japan Black