Graffiti Removed on two Busses - Let's Clean to the rescue

One morning we received a phone call from a Bus Company in Botany, Sydney. Overnight some kids have Graffiti painted two buses – not a good look!


This is what they looked like:

  Graffiti on Bus  

See the Bus full of Graffiti - very nice artist painted it without permission!

Not a very good look for a Bus Company. We are off the road!

  Graffiti on Bus  
  This is the other side!  

Let's Clean with our product 740AD (Ickee Stickee Unstuck) came to the rescue!

We applied 740AD and after 30 minutes to an hour, we washed it right off.

Check the result!

Please note the SignWriting (Adhesive Lettering) stayed in tacked and had no damage. $$$ Savings.
Please NOTE no damage to the paint - another saving!

  Graffiti on Bus removed  
  Graffiti on Bus removed  
  Just as new!  

Every household should have one. Made from soya beans.

See the link for to order a bottle

740AD (Ickee Stickee Unstuck)