Lead Paint removal at Byron Bay Lighthouses in 2015 by Let's Clean Team

This 19th-century Victorian era lighthouse attracts many visitors from around the world (some 3000 to 5000 a day). Problem was that the paint on its internal walls had more than 10% lead content. This involved alot of planning, crowd control and lead containment & disposal. Let's Clean got the job and delivered exclusively

"You got some lead who are you gonna call...lead busters!"

Byron Bay Tower View     Byron Bay Team at Work
Sun Rise View From the Tower     Team ready to go. See how nice and clean!
Byron Bay before     Lead Paint Removed
 Before the paint removal      After 600GL part of Lead Paint Removed
Applying Heritage No1      Applying Heritage No1
 Applying Heritage No1      Applying Heritage No1
Byron Bay Sunrise 
Sunset at Byron Bay from Lighthouse

We used our own Let's Clean products 600GL (SoyGel) and Heritage No1  paint remover on all surfaces at Cape Byron Bay Lighthouse.

On the steel ceiling of the top floor and on the central steel shaft enclosure (after it was stripped), we used our specialised JOS System, a light abrasive cleaning system, to protect the heritage of the lighthouse. Most Lead paint scrappings were removed by the team and any left hazardous residues removed by our Blue Vac System .