670AF (SOY-Strip) v. 600GL (SOY-Gel)

Hi Walter,

I have used both the Soy Strip and the Soy Gel and found no noticeable difference between the two products. This may have been because of differing conditions of when I applied them, the age of the products or simply because I have so much more of the Soy Gel that I was a little more liberal with the application.

I have finally worked out a technique for applying the product under a plastic film to ensure enough product is applied and to stop it drying out in our relatively low humidity here in Canberra. I firstly wrapped the hull in cheap plastic painting drop cloths and stretched it tight over the hull. Then via a pump or funnel, I poured the stripper down the inside of the plastic and used a paint roller on the outside of the plastic to move the gel around, inside the plastic, over the hull.

I found that it needs to be left on the hull for approximately 3 hours to do its thing before removing the plastic and scraping the paint off. Where the paint is softened all the way to the hull it comes off easily. Where it has not softened all the way to the hull it is still easily removed if you don't try to remove the unsoftened paint at the same time. These areas require a second coat. The stripper removed all paint in some areas and not in others with one application. I am not sure why this happened. I am most of the way through stripping the old antifouling off with a second coat being required in some areas. When there has been a need for a second coat, the remaining paint turns to mush in about 10 minutes. I have taken some photos and will send them to you if you like.

It seems that the 15 litres of Soy Gel is probably the right amount to strip the hull of my 30 foot boat. I have used approximately 10 litres of the Soy Gel with still some to do. There may be a little left over for other tasks.

I am very happy with the product and would recommend it to others for stripping hulls of antifouling. Feel free to email or call me if you need any additional information or photos.

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