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Hire Equipment

Hiring can reduce your costs.
When you hire, you have access to a huge range of modern equipment. You are able to use it without any capital outlay. This is advantageous for two reasons.
1.If you only need the piece equipment for one job, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to buy it outright if it’s never going to be used again.
2.It saves on labour costs, beacause you don't have to worry about maintaining storing, insurance or repairing the piece of
Safe, reliable equipment.
Hire equipment is often more reliable, because it is well maintained. Let's Clean constantly upgrade and add to our range to provide the best in terms of performance and efficiency, so you’ll actually be saving yourself a lot of man hours. You will also avoid buying an expense piece of equipment only for it to become obsolete after a few years.
Also, because you are using the right tool for the job (instead of improvising with tools you already own), it is going to be much safer
for that.

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  1. Graffiti Cleaning

    Graffiti Cleaning Machine Hire

    The incredible power and efficiency of the Graffiti Cleaning Machine has to be seen to be believed. Using negative pressure, this revolutionary technology, will revolutionise the way Australian's remove graffiti, lacquer layers and de-rust.

    The Captive Graffiti Cleaning Machine uses negative pressure to recycle finely ground walnut particles that lightly brush away layers of graffiti before your eyes. This closed circulation process means it's entirely safe for the environment and without the use of water or chemicals the Graffiti Cleaning Machine is now the safest and most effective way to clean graffiti.

    Price is per 1/2 Day, per Day, per Week and per Month.
    Deliver and Pick up charges may apply. Media not included.

    Note: For Australia Purchases or Orders - Prices shown are inclusive of 10% GST.

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