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670AF (SOY•Strip™)

Effective Boat Anti-Fouling Remover to Extend the Life of your Vessel

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Commercial and Recreational Marine Boats Anti-Fouling Paint Remover.

Commercial and recreational boats require tough bottom paints to protect them from the build-up of barnacles and other ocean grime. Without anti-fouling, the boat can be weighed down with all the sea creatures sticking to its surface, becoming less efficient in the water.

670AF Application Info

   670AF (SOY-Strip) Anti-Fouling Remover

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The marine anti-fouling solution perfect for any application

Although a perfect way to protect your boat, even the strongest solution needs to be removed at some point, to make room for another coat to be placed on top. If you let the solution stagnate over time, it will become less effective and may even fail to work. Your boat will thank you for a fresh coat of anti-fouling – but first, the task of removing the original layer. 

What sets our anti-fouling remover apart in the marine industry?

There is no better eco-friendly remover than 670AF. Judged Best Choice by Practical Sailor Magazine, November 2006, when tested against other leading brands. The superior choice for all your marine needs, it will remove boat anti-fouling solution swiftly and easily, giving you a painless solution for a longer lasting vessel.

It is powerful when it comes to marine anti-fouling, yet gentle on the surface of the boat. The paint stripper is mild on the environment as well, protecting sea creatures and plant life making it the most responsible choice for your boat and the world around you. 

Before you try it out

Even though the stripper is extremely gentle, we recommend patch-testing before use. For this purpose, we sell smaller sizes of our products so you can see how it will react with your boat. Contact us to find out more about how to order your trial pack, and gain the biggest success in your next application.

Contact us for more information

If you’re ready to try our marine paint removal solutions, or have any questions about their applications, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly customer service team. We supply solutions across Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and Australia, so you’re always able to find the product you need.


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