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BLUE BEAR 500MR (Bean-e-doo) Sample - Mastic Remover

Quick Overview

When it's time to remodel or prep concrete flooring, take the time to learn about amazing innovations within the industry that can make the removal of carpet and tile mastic and adhesives easier, more economical, and much safer. Bean-e-doo® Mastic Remover, the premier soy mastic remover on the market, is an EPA-DfE certified product that has become a product desired by building, maintenance, and flooring professionals throughout the the world.



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Welcome to our 500MR (BEAN-e-doo®) Store.

Word has spread quickly that the product will effectively remove white and yellow mastic and even black asbestos mastic for as low as $.11 per square foot with absolutely no odor and minimal efforts compared to other traditional methods. The innovative soybean formula effectively encapsulates asbestos particles in black mastic and suspends it within the formula so it can be easily removed making a safer working environment.

Easy to apply and even easier to remove and dispose of (land-fill friendly). 100% biodegradable, non-toxic and non-caustic-makes negative  air, or other special equipment) unnecessary. Very economical. Low evaporative rate allows it to continue to work for up to 24 hours. Allowing it to do the work saves labor. LESS LABOUR = MORE PROFIT!
After extensive testing, a U.S. Postal Authority said, "500MR BEAN•e•doo does the trick, with money savings of almost 300%. Furthermore, it is unusual for only one product to meet all the criteria of the U.S. Postal Service."


How to remove carpet glue?

Due to variances in concrete surfaces and conditions, to determine dwell time and effectivness, test
in a small, inconspicuous area before using on complete project. Pour 500MR BEAN•e•doo Mastic Remover undiluted directly to the substrate. Use a long handled brush or broom to ensure 500MR BEAN•e•doo at least covers all trowel ridges. Allow  500MR BEAN•e•doo Mastic Remover to sit until mastic softens. (Generally  45-60 minutes for asbestos mastic. Dwell time for vinyl and latex mastics are longer.) After mastic has softened, remove with a long handled scraper or squeegee. Clean surface with a degreaser or water and let dry before applying new mastic or coating. In all cases, care should be taken not to oversaturate the floor by using too much water. Rotary floor machines are not recommended for clean-up unless an area has been tested first. (See 500MR BEAN•e•doo® Mastic Remover Tip Sheet for more detailed instructions.)

Use a degreasing agent when mopping surface.
For porous and/or cracked substrates, use a commercial absorbent to help in pick-up of mastic residue.

Testing surface for residue after  floor bas been mopped: Apply water to various small areas on the substrate and rub with fingers. If water turns cloudy white, it indicates there is 500MR BEAN•e•doo Mastic Remover rema.ining on the surface. Remapping with a degreaser is recommended.Then retest.

500MR BEAN•e•doo  Mastic  Remover  is not recommended  for  use on  wood surfaces. Using 500MR BEAN•e•doo  might slightly darken a concrete surface.

One gallon (3.78 l) will generally cover between 9.3-18.6m2. Many customers report getting up to 18.5m2 per gallon (3.78 l). Most contractors new to 500MR (BEAN-e-doo) Mastic Remover budget at 11.6-13.9m2 per gallon (3.78 l) so they dont’t under estimate the job.

Estamated coverage per container:
1 Quart (0.946 Ltrs) covers 2.9-3.5m2 up to 4.6m2
1 Gal (3.78 Ltrs) covers 11.6-13.9m2 up to 18.5m2
5 Gal (18.9 Ltrs) covers 58-69.5m2 up to 92m2

Usage Tips:
Do not exceed the recommended coverage. Applying too much 500MR BEAN•e•doo does not shorten removal time, but does contribute to impeding the complete removal of residue.

For thick mastics, reduce suggested sq. meter coverage.

For best clean-up results, remove mastic with long handled scraper. Next use a commercial absorbent to ensure pick-up of mastic residue, and then mop floor using a degreaser.

For indoor use only.


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