Let's Clean at Warwick (QLD) Railway Station

Another sucessfull paint removal job on the Historic Heritage Protected Railway Station.

This 1880 elegantly built station only rivalled by contemporaries like the Warwick art gallery, Glengallan Homestead to name but a few is at the heart of Warwick, a bustling town in the southeast of Queensland. The station much like its contemporaries has alot of history behind it, originally built to link the downs area a rich farming area to the big towns of Toowomba and Gold coast encountered a few problems namely lack of fund issues and slow tendering process as put by the Warwick examiner and times published in October 12 1887 ...., ofcourse in years to come lets clean might be part of its history books.

Scope: to remove all paint on all window frames around the building.

Solution: The best paint stripper "Heritage No1" was used. We also used the BlueVac System to wash the delicate Sand Stone.


Warwick Railway Station

Warwick (QLD) Historic Railway Station


Warwick Railway Station

Small Office on right


 Warwick - before

Before Paint Removal


 Warwick Window Sill

Window Sill after paint removal