Lead Paint removal on two Lighthouses in 2015 by Let's Clean Team

Another Job completed by the team.

Byron Bay Tower View     Byron Bay Team at Work
Sun Rise View From the Tower     Team ready to go. See how nice and clean!
Byron Bay before     Lead Paint Removed
 Before the paint removal      After 600GL part of Lead Paint Removed
Applying Heritage No1      Applying Heritage No1
 Applying Heritage No1      Applying Heritage No1
Byron Bay Sunrise 
Sunset at Byron Bay from Lighthouse

Let’s Clean used our own products 600GL (SoyGel) and Heritage No1  paint removerr on all surfaces at Cape Byron Bay Lighthouse and Coffs Harbour South Solitary Island Lighthouse.

On the steel ceiling of the top floor and on the central steel shaft enclosure (after it was stripped), we used our specialised JOS System, a light abrasive cleaning system, to protect the heritage of the lighthouse. Lead paint was removed by Let’s Clean, with any residues further removed by our Blue Vac System and collected into drums and buckets. All lead-contaminated water was collected into water tanks and disposed of by a hazardous waste collection company.