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Pre-Qualified Contractor for NSW Government

We are a Prequalified Contractor under the Prequalified Scheme of the NSW Government in the paint stripping and Sandstone cleaning.

Pre-Qualified Contractor NSW Government

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83 George Street, The Rocks

26/07/2016 2:12 pm

Grease Washing of Heritage Sandstone Walls

83 George Street, The Rock, Sydney

Let's Clean used the BlueVac Captive Head Wash System to remove dirt and grease from the stairs and walls...

83 George Street

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Aussie Painters Trade Expo 2016

26/07/2016 10:06 am

Aussie Painters Trade Expo

Friday the 2nd September 2016 at Eagle Farm Racecourse in Brisbane, Queensland.

Not far from the airport.

Trade Expo

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Lead Paint Removal Projects 2015

15/06/2016 12:21 pm

Byron Bay and South Solitary Island Internal Lead Paint removal 2015

Another perfect job completed.

Byron Bay Tower View   Byron Bay Tower View
Tower View   Tower View Sunrise

Lead Paint removal project at Cape Byron Bay Lighthouse has become an icon for Byron Bay and is a must for any visitors to Bryon Bay and the Coffs Harbour South Solitary Island Lighthouse.

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Whitewash v Limewash

6/06/2016 12:48 pm

First things first, "Whitewash" and "Limewash" are different things - especially when it comes to removing them.


"Whitewash" is water-soluble and much easier to remove than "Limewash".

"Virtually any coating can be removed from virtually any surface....
Notable exceptions are "Limewash" and cement based paints (e.g."Snowcem"). Lime wash (not to be confused with whitewash) is, once cured, a thin layer of limestone. Like cement mortars, it can be very slowly dissolved with an acidic cleaner but the process is extremely time-consuming, as the product has to be continually re-applied.
Removal is therefore only practicable if...

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Peeling Back The Layers Of Boat Coatings

Finding out what layers of coatings are currently on a boat you've purchased, or even knowing what layers to put back onto your boat after restoration, can sometimes be a bit tricky......

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APT Australia Chapter

5/05/2016 10:49 am

APT Longford Academy 9-13 May 2016

APT presenters have extensive experience in conservation and education. Heritage conservation
specialists demonstrate techniques and lead hands-on activities at selected sites in the field...

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Unwin's stores

5/05/2016 10:23 am

Unwin's Stores at 77-85 George Street, Sydney

Another fantastic job by Let's Clean...

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See how 600GL works excellent on Terracotta tiles

See pictures

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Captive Head-Washing System

3/05/2016 8:46 am

BlueVac Captive Head-Washing System

Salt reduction & desalination of the masonry

The principle of the captive-head washing system (originally “Gregomatic”, now “BlueVac Low-Pressure Captive-Head Washing”) is a combination of a targeted water whirl, ...

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